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Andrews Field, Great Saling, Essex, 50m Firing Range beside former NW perimeter track. 


History: "Andrews Field" was the first United States World War II Airbase in Europe built in 1943 and named in memory of General Frank M Andrews, US Air Force. Adjacent to the small Essex village of Great Saling, it became home to B17s and B26s bombers. From mid-1944 it was a Royal Air Force station with Fighter Squadrons (including several Polish squadrons) operating Mustangs, Spitfires and finally Meteor jets. The station closed in late 1945 and later returned to agricultural use and the three runways were eventually broken up for hardcore to build the motorway network. Parts of the former perimeter tracks became incorporated into the local public roads. The Andrewsfield flying club was formed on the site around 1975/6

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