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Introduction:  Open competition for .22" rifles using classic targets. All versions of .22 rimfire may be used, plus such CF calibres as .297/230 and .310 Cadet.Shot in different classes, any action is eligible, manual or self-loading. Any sights are eligible-open, military, target, or optic- and will be shot in their class

Competitors: Members and Non-Members of the HESA, HBSA and LERA. This is a team match, teams of three will be arranged by the match director, if you wish to be entered in a team with a named shooter please say so (assuming that they are in the same class)

Match Conditions: Any rifle fitted with optic sights or using bi-pod support may only enter the Optic class. Any rifle fitted with aperture front sights may only enter the Open or Post Veteran classes (depending on its dateline). Where fitted, target rear-sights must be of the correct period.

Course of Fire:


10 shots prone, rapid fire within 2 minutes at a 'Tin Hat' target (2 shots per bull)


10 shots kneeling, rapid fire within 2 minutes at a 'Landscape' target (2 shots per bull).


5 shots standing shot over a "Fire trench" parapet, deliberate fire within 3 minutes at a

'Figure 4A' target (at least 1 shot per bull).


5 shots standing shot over a "Fire trench" parapet, Snap (5 second exposures with up to 8

seconds away) at a '1931 Snap' target.; (5 shots on 3 bulls, a bonus awarded for hitting all 3 bulls)

Dates and times available to members via forum or notice boards

Visitor/Guests should use the contact us form for invites to attend

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Field Firing Match