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Prone Smallbore rifle shooting is a.22RF calibre precision target discipline using a single shot bolt or under lever action gun fitted with aperture sights and a palm stop on the stock for your left hand to rest against together with a strap mounting point usually as part of the palm stop (see rifle photo).

The shooter lies in a prone position on the forward firing point mats wearing a stiff canvas leather jacket (to help maintain body position) which has a gun support strap fitted to the left upper arm. This strap attaches to the mounting point on the stock of the gun and helps to support the gun weight and to steady the gun for better accuracy (see photo of shooters in prone position on mat).

Prone is shot over a 25 yard distance aiming at a ten target card, one shot per target with each bullseye being worth 10 points thus giving a maximum score of 100 points per card. Each target is 2 inches in diameter and the bullseye is .5 inches in diameter ( see range photo).

Shooters starting out prone shooting usually support the gun on sandbags whilst getting familiar to the discipline and improving their grouping and therefore it is not necessary to have a shooting jacket to try prone shooting.

The above descriptions are based on right handed shooting, left handed jackets and rifles are also available at HESA.

Instruction,help and advice are always available from the Prone Section members to ensure you enjoy your shooting.

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