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Introduction: Open Competition Rifles must use ∙22RF or other miniature rifle cartridge as approved by the HBSA (e.g. ∙297/∙230 Morris Tube, ∙310 Cadet). This match is based on the Methuen Cup (Inter Services Meeting) and is a test of rapid shooting.

Competitors: Members and Non-Members of the HESA, HBSA and LERA. This is a team match, teams of three will be arranged by the match director, if you wish to be entered in a team with a named shooter please say so (assuming that they are in the same class). Medals are for individuals, the teams for fun.

Match Conditions: As HBSA Rules 1995, (and this entry form). However, orthoptic accessories, a padded glove and a sling (two point or as-issued) may be used. A wrist rest may be used in sniping, or any classes. Replica firearms in the "spirit of the original" (Rule G3.1) are permitted. Multiple entries of each Match are permitted provided that a different firearm is used for each Entry. All arms shall be appropriately licensed and "in proof'. Targets will be as shown (see last page).

Distance: 25 yards for all Classes.

Course of Fire:

Unlimited non convertible sighters (120 seconds)

Ten shots prone at 2 Tin Hat targets (600 yards) (120 seconds).

Ten shots prone/kneeling/standing at 3 Tin Hat target (500-200 yards) (2 x 15 second exposure).

Ten shots prone at 2 Figure 11 target (90 seconds).

Ten shots prone at 5 Figure 4A target (2 per, 10 second exposure).

Dates and times available to members via forum or notice boards

Visitor/Guests should use the contact us form for invites to attend